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High-performance have used carbon fiber for many years, and now new high-speed manufacturing technology is allowing carbon fiber to move into production vehicles.

The composites are being increasingly used to manufacture vehicles as they are considered as the best substitute for traditional heavy materials such as steel and aluminum. Manufacturers inclination towards increment in fuel efficiency and weight reduction is a major driver in the industry.

R&D Composite design and manufacture visual, structural parts, tools and jigs.


Composites are finding more applications in the medical sector because of their light-weight, high-stiffness characteristics and bio-compatibility.

Composites in medicine range from the large scale components, such as those used for x-ray applications, to the almost invisible: composite bolts used internally to support bones.

The uses for composites in medicine are far-reaching, including equipment components such a mammogram plates to state-of-the-art carbon fibre exoskeletons.


In the defence sector, composites are used in application such as land systems, military aircraft, UAVs, naval vessels mainly due to the following advantages: lightweith, Impact resistance, protection properties (ballistic), corrotion resistant, embedded functionality (monitoring system) and DFM.


Composites are now the material of choice for many sporting goods where their benefits in terms of high stiffness, low weight, protection and customisation. Most popular is the motorsport.

R & D

Production range are manufacturing and design of tools & parts for composite production, injection moulding, spare parts, die tool components, measure clamping for dimensions quality check and in generally precision mechanical parts for many of world knowns companies like Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Boeing and others. The strengths of the company are experiences in this field, stability of customers, a good financial position and accent on quality production.