Fair Protection Mask

Fair Protection Mask is a respirator, which is the result of long-term cooperation of Slovak experts in the field of research and development of new products, which has been transformed into an inimitable design. Our designers and engineers develop and manufacture products for the most prestigious customers in the automotive, medical and sports industries.

Fair Protection Mask will provide you with real protection of your health. The certified level of protection confirmed at FFP1 and FFP2 in European accredited testing laboratories in combination with the effective adhesion of the respirator to the face will provide you with optimal protection of your respiratory tract, while protecting the wearer as well as people around him as it filters inhaled and exhaled air.

Fair Protection Mask is a universal product that can be worn by almost anyone. You can choose from two sizes.


C6 Race

C6 Race are new carbon fibre Stirrups. C6 Race was one of the first brands to use exclusively carbon fiber in its stirrups. Since the very beginning we have strived to improve carbon technology, always aiming to make lighter, more robust, and more durable products.

Its efficient and elegant design with focus on simplicity still attracts attention. Our stirrups are lighter than the standard ones. They are stronger, in fact, the carbon nanotube is considered the strongest material available. The superior strength to weight ratio far exceeds that of any metal which makes it the ultimate material for stirrups and helps reach better results in horseracing.


C6 Shell

C6 Shell is the ultimate protection case made of carbon fibre for most 13" laptop models. It is, to date, the only case that can fit inside your existing backpacks and computer bags, but also survive almost every crash test known to mankind whilst weighing next to nothing.

This case is a result of European design and engineering. We have used the lightest yet the strongest fabric in the industry to create a stylish case will rid you of the worries of carrying and hadling your laptop.



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