How we do it


R&D Composite has improved quality management system and our activities comply with IATF certification. Our quality inspection centre is equipped with calibrated gauging equipment.

Within our QMS we perform:

■ First Article Inspection Report
■ Document control system
■ Documented inspection plans and procedures

■ Manufacturing Product Traceability
■ Non-Conforming Material/Tool control
■ Permanent improvement program

We are committed to provide products and services of the highest possible quality.

Full quality process is stored in internal ERP system and Enterprise data storage.

Quality policy

R&D Composite is a supplier of composite products and injected molded plastic products.

Our commitment is to do our best to ensure required quality with a long-term target of zero customer claim/ zero PPM, constant improvement of quality management system, environmental, health and safety issues as the main pillars of our policy and sustainable business activities.

We fulfil our commitments as follows:

■ Following assignments, rules, legal acts and contract´s conditions

■ Innovation in order to raise value and quality based on the market´s demand and sustainability

■ Optimalisation in order to satisfy customer´s demands and other contract parties

■ Appreciation of HR focusing on related competence and constant increasing of qualification of HR

■ Development of processes in high quality, effectivity, reflecting environmental requirements, protection against pollution, safety and health protection in working process

■ Following requirements of environmental protection and creation of working conditions in accordance with health protection and work safety regulations

■ Constant increasing of quality management system through:

- Effectiveness of control processes

- Environmental protection through prevention of waste production, minimalization of carbon and water waste with emphasis on decreasing water and energy consumption

- Product quality, decreasing cost and risks, increasing productivity and support of business partners at the same time

- Safety and health protection in working process with minimum risk and decrease of working injuries and their severity

- policy determines the character of the company and can be achieved only by joint effort of all employees and our business partners.


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Rastislav Lauko / CEO


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