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Autoclaving helps to ensure the highest quality of composite structure reinforced by polymer (CFRP) used in automotive and aviation. During the autoclave process, prepreg laminas are consolidated and simultaneously high pressure in connection with high temperature create a solid end product of high quality.

Panini is a top supplier of autoclaves for composite materials hardening.

Autoclave: 3m x 1,5m - Pannini and 6m x 3m - Italmatic - fully controlled and recorded (pressure, temperature, vacuum), aerospace grade.


Multiple thermocouples are connected to fully monitored parts (e.g. oven temperature).

Integrated multi-port vacuum systems.

Iterior dimension: 2m x 2m x 2m.

Flexible and adaptable to specific composite requirements (up to 350°C).

Tight uniformity, standard at +/-5°C or better.

Electrically heated.

Adapted airflow for heat transfer optimatiosation to unique molds.

Vacuum monitoring with data recording during hardening cycle.

Dimensions: 2,5m x 3m x 2m.

Controlled temperature in vacuum.


Our cleanroom provides a contamination free environment to lay composite materials. This room has its own heating, ventilation and cooling system in order to keep accurate humidity and temperature.

It is a closed room which maintains positive pressure for circulation of the air 30 times per hour. A walk-through freezer is connected to the cleanroom.

The concentration of airborne particles is kept as low as necessary to produce and test high-precision products for you.

CNC 5axis/4axis/3axis

We use 5-axis machines for the smallest to very large parts. All machines are fully simultaneous 5-axis cinematic. Whole machining is supported by SolidCam 5-axis modules with machine simulation and NC validation system.

Press 200T - Hursan 200T

Automation system – pressure control, stroke control, time control, hydraulic oil temperature control, mould memory (200 unit), work meter, graph record. Temperature, Pressure, Stroke and Time Graphs will be stored in automation system of the Press Machine.

Dimensions: 2m x 1m

Plastic injection machines

We produce not only simple technical plastic parts but we can offer manufacturing of high quality structurally more sophisticated plastic parts, especially manufacturing of plastic parts with molded inserted pins by semi-automatic molding process or molding with using of programmable discharging robot.


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