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R&D Composite

is young company focused on production of composite and plastic parts. By using the most suitable technologies and materials available on the market, we were able to create ideal solutions for customer’s needs ensuring high quality with competitive price. Thanks of harmonisation of premium quality, fast responsiveness and cost efficiency we are able to meet high expectations of our customers. Our experienced team is providing turnkey solutions covering the full range of services such as design, engineering and production of composite, metal and plastic parts including tooling and jigs - „all under one umbrella„. Headquarter of our company with new production hall (total surface over 2.000 m²) is situated at industrial park in Povazska Bystrica (Slovakia).



Available job positions:


Haven´t you found right position for you? Don´t be worry, we are still looking for skilled candidates. In case of interest, do not hesitate to send us your CV on job@radcomposite.sk and we will keep you informed.

Quality policy

R&D Composite is a supplier of composite products and injectioned molded plastic products

Our commitment is do the best to ensure required quality with continuing improving of quality management system, environmental, health and safety issues as the main pillars of our policy and sustainable business activities.

We fulfill our commitments following:

■ Following assignments, rules, legal acts and contract´s condiions

■ Innovation in order to raise value and quality based on market´s demand and sustainability

■ Optimalisation in order to satisfy customer´s demand and other contract´s partners

■ Appreciation of HR focusing on related competence and constant increasing of qualification of HR

■ Developement of processes in high quality, effectivity, reflecting enviromental requirements, protection against pollution and safety and health proftection in working process

■ Following requirements of enviromental protection and creation of working conditions in accordance with acts of health protection and safety at work

■ Constant increasing of quality management system throught:

  ■ Effectiveness of control processes

  ■ Enviromental prevention in connection with minimalisation of carbon and water waste production, especially from point of view decreased consuption of water and energy

  ■ Product quality, decrease of costs and risks, increase of productiovity and support of business partners at the same time

  ■ Safety and health protection in working process with minimum risk and decrease of working injuries and their severity

This policy determines the character of the company and is possible to reach only with common effort of all employees and our busineess partners.


Považská Bystrica, 30.1.2020

Rastislav Lauko / CEO