High-performance carbon fiber has been used for many years and today the new high-speed manufacturing technology allows the use of carbon fibre in the process of vehicle manufacture.

Application of composite materials is still more frequent in the process of vehicle manufacture as they are considered as the best substitution for traditional heavy materials such as steel and aluminium. Manufacturers are forced to fuel efficiency and weight reduction, and this is a major driving force in the industry.

R&D Composite designs and manufactures structural parts, tools and jigs.


Composites are used more widely in the medical sector thanks to their lightweight and high-stiffness properties along with biocompatibility.

In the medical sector composites are suitable for application in wide range of components from x-rays to the almost invisible ones – intramedullary nails used internally for limb support.

The uses for composites in medicine are far-reaching, including equipment components such as mammogram plates to state-of-the-art carbon fibre exoskeletons.


Application of composites in defense sector is in form of ground military systems, military aircrafts, UAV, naval craft especially thanks to lightweight, impact resistance, ballistics protection qualities, rust resistance, integrated functionality (monitoring system) and DFM.


Today composites are a widely used material in a lot of sport´s equipment thanks to its benefits like stiffness, low weight, resistance and diverse application. They are the most popular in motorsport.

R & D

Our wide production range is focused on manufacturing and design of tools & parts for composite production, injection moulding, spare parts production, tool components production, measuring of clamping for dimensions quality check. We specialize in precision mechanical components for world known companies such as Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Boeing and others. We pride ourselves on good experience in the composites industry, stable financial condition and emphasis on quality production.

Our own products

Fair Protection Mask

Fair Protection Mask is a modern respirator an inimitable design.

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C6 Race

C6 Race are new carbon fibre Stirrups.

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C6 Shell

C6 Shell is the ultimate protection case made of carbon fibre for most 13" laptop models.

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